Buddha’s Wife on Stage

After seeing the drama “Bimbaka Sapana” a play written by Abhi Subedi, directed by Ghanasyam Shrestha and solely performed by theater artist Sushma Koirala in Theater Mall has been the attention of the issues of Buddha search of knowledge.The unnoticed topic for the world has been noticed in the mind of the writer and I felt very blessed myself to be audience of the play. He has portrait the pains and sufferings of woman inside the palace in Kapilvastu while Siddhartha Gautam went for the search of cause of pains and sufferings in the life. My heart went to the high of peak when I felt that writer has raise the hidden issues of woman and at the same time I was thinking about that really Budhha remained hero in the world but remained zero in his personal life. Also I was thinking that really Buddha was not female friendly and he made a victim to his own wife depriving from husband love and care. He was not a good father and not a good take career of family.

We can see and listen the same dialogues from artist Sushma many times that she complains to her husband “you saw the darkness of world and you went to search light of Asia but you did not saw my pains inside my heart”. Many times Sushma is complains and complaining. I want to give my all respect to the artist Sushma who took off all her hair doing justice to her character. In the earlier Sushma is complaining and trying to console her child saying that one day his father will come and will come but when she realized that her husband has enlighten and he is living for the world, she realized what is Buddha and she also follows the path of her husband, Bhuddha.

My complains to Bhuddha that he was uncaring to female or he was not female friendly or he was not feminist remain on a plain line while seeing through the play – because I realized that those who live for others know how to sacrifice, they know how to redefine life, they know what is the truth and they know to cost themselves in search of knowledge. And Bhuddha did same, I am convinced through out the play that the feeling that his wife about pain and sufferings are from all the cause definition Budhha has explained.The reason that we experience suffering comes ultimately from our mind. As from Prince Sidhartha Gautam’s wife mind expectation came as wife. She was taught to expect love from her husband from this society.

According to Buddhism, our main mental problems or root delusions are: attachment, anger and ignorance. Because of these delusions, we engage in actions that cause problems to ourselves and others. But to understand this we need to go in deep analyzing and again searching the analysis within. I found very peace inside my heart at the end of play when wife converted herself in the ideology of her husband. I perceive this conversion as Woman love for her husband and I perceive the way that Buddha showed to her wife is a real love- a eternal love that he taught for the rest of world along with her wife. Play name “Bimbako Sapana” which means dream of Bhimba- it is true that dreams are always dream and it is out of the result than we plan. Her dream was to get the body and mind of her husband for her and for her son but finally she got her husband’s spirit in the form of knowledge. And my final feelings were that woman has always been supporter for man that has been carried out from our history.

People discuss about the idea that Bhuddha did not saw even a face while he went for search of knowledge because woman will be a matter of emotions and feelings and he was also criticized that he did not love his wife but No!!!. I feel very good of Bhuddha when I am feeling that he really loved his wife therefore he did not visited his wife because he really respect his wife and cared her tears. So I should say that he was female friendly and feminist approach person. Also it will be injustice to eternal Bhuddha if we say that he don’t have love for family because we should also be aware that he devoted his life to understand about the origin’s of everything- even a family and here we are blessed to feel the cause-matter-component-construction- and ultimate real meaning of family and life. Dear Buddha, you are not only light of Asia but light of all human.

Thank you Theater Mall, Abhi Subedi, Ghanasyam Shrestha and Sushma Koirala for raising these thoughts in my mind and giving me a chance to thank our Dear Bhuddha.