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Sandajuko Mahabharat: A Daring Production

I had the privilege of seeing the first performance of Abhi Subedi’s epic play Sandajuko Mahabharat directed by Bimal Subedi along with Sarika Pareek at Theatre Village.

कुनै समीक्षाबिना

तिमी र म जो छौँ
हाम्रा लागि यत्ति नै काफी छ
यसभित्र हामीलाई पुग्दो मृत्यु छ ।

TEEN EKANTA – The particles of broken dreams

In the course of life, we forget to live. We forget what our dreams were, what we wanted from life and how the love felt like. On one of those evenings “Teen Akaant” happens, which reminds us how we wanted to live.
The life of our choice and the required compromises, at the edge of it we tend to think was it my independent choice or something did compel me to. However, after many years we don’t wish to undo our decisions but certainly dwell upon, how the life would have been without those decisions, if we didn’t took that lane, where we would have reached today. Life would have been in any way different or same?If the life was supposed to be the same, why I took the burden to choose. Making a choice, is no doubt a burden. Accepting whatever life offers must be easier.

Buddha’s Wife on Stage

After seeing the drama “Bimbaka Sapana” a play written by Abhi Subedi, directed by Ghanasyam Shrestha and solely performed by theater artist Sushma Koirala in Theater Mall has been the attention of the issues of Buddha search of knowledge.The unnoticed topic for the world has been noticed in the mind of the writer and I felt very blessed myself to be audience of the play. He has portrait the pains and sufferings of woman inside the palace in Kapilvastu while Siddhartha Gautam went for the search of cause of pains and sufferings in the life. My heart went to the high of peak when I felt that writer has raise the hidden issues of woman and at the same time I was thinking about that really Budhha remained hero in the world but remained zero in his personal life. Also I was thinking that really Buddha was not female friendly and he made a victim to his own wife depriving from husband love and care. He was not a good father and not a good take career of family.

मानवताको खोजीमा नाटक सम्बोधी

नाटक सम्बोधी हेरेपछि मनमा आएका भावनाहरु थिएटर मलमा यो मेरो पहिलो पटक हो । नाटक सम्बोधीले मलाई यस थिएटरको अनुभव लिने मौका जुरायो । यो काठमाडौं मलको सबै भन्दा माथिल्लो तल्लामा छ । हल चिटिक्कको लाग्यो । हलसँग पश्चिम तिर छ सानो लाइब्रेरी सहितको कित्ली क्याफे । क्याफेबाट धरहरा, स्वयम्भू आदि ठाउँहरु नियाल्न सकिन्छ । तबला, गितार आदिको संगीतबाट हल गुञ्जयमान थियो । नाटक सम्बोधीको घट्ना प्रति उत्सुक हुँदै तेर्सो लाइनको बीच तिर गएर बसेँ । नाटक सुरु भयो ।