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माला र म

30 Days in September हेरेपछी मैले पनि ‍महशुस गरे म गलत थिईन । एउटा अनौठो उर्जा प्राप्त भयो र यो सम्म भन्ने आँट गरेकी माला मेरो बाल्यकालको प्रतिनिधी पात्र रहिछिन । जब म ८-९ वर्षकी थिए, बिदाको दिनमा दिउँसो कोहि नभएको मौकामा आफ्नो काका पर्नेको छोरा (नातामा मेरो दाई)ले मलाई पनि त्यसरी नै यौन शोषण गर्थ्यो । सायद मलाई त्यति बेला नै थाहा थियो यस्तो गर्नु नराम्रो काम हो । त्यसैले त बारम्बार पिडित हुदाँ पनि मैले न मेरी आमालाई यो कुरा व्यक्त गरे न हजुरआमालाई ।

How I felt about 30 Days in September

I hate confrontations. I’ve always been of the kind who tries and wishes he could stay out of trouble. If it meant losing in on some of the finer things in life then I would consider the consequences. Obviously, it’s not always possible and when I have to I believe I could handle things, but my main objective is to avoid as much drama from the real time mode of my life as possible.

Yerma: A Heart Left Barren

Beautifully choreographed and presented, the One World Theatre production of Federico Garcia Lorca’s Yerma was a pleasure to watch from beginning to end. It is an exceptional play as it is, and is rendered beautifully by director Bimal Subedi. The costumes and set design add to the impact of the play and encourage the actors to present their best acting. The actors do a great job, especially the female actors and particularly Namrata Shrestha, who brings Yerma to life through her wonderfully subtle performance.