International Solo Theatre Festival (April 2- 5, 2018) Kathmandu, Nepal

International Solo Theatre Festival 2018

International Solo Theatre Festival

In the occasion of its 36th birth anniversary, Sarwanam Theatre is organizing International Solo Theatre Festival for the first time in Nepal. Veteran theatre artists from countries like Netherlands, HongKong, India, Bangladesh, France, UK, Scotland and more are performing their solo play in the Sarwanam Auditorium. Along with theatre performances, there are also different workshops and seminars throughout the festival. 

Inauguration: April 2, 2018

Time: 3 PM sharp

Inauguration of International Solo Theatre Festival together by all the international theatre artists

3:30 PM, April 2, 2018

Opening Play: Atirikta Akash (20 min)
Writer/Director: Ashesh Malla
Performer: Avineet Malla
Art Director: Raj Shah
Theatre Group: Sarwanam Theatre
Country: Nepal

Synopsis: The play narrates a husband's explanation to the police in the jail and is sentenced to death for killing the man who raped his wife.

4 PM, April 2, 2018

The Coat (55 mins)
Michael Woodwood
Performer: Sioned Jones
Story: Sioned Jones / Miachel Woodwood
Songs Composition: Sioned Jones
Theatre Company: Arcati Productions
Country: London

Synopsis: The Coat is told in a visual style using a few objects and minimal costume to create many images and a variety of sound effects that require very little dialogue or spoken word in a story can be understood by anyone.  A coat is displayed in a Paris shop window and is admired by many passersby.  Eventually the coat is sold to a very rich woman and begins a journey that sees the coat travel abroad to America and back to Europe changing ownership many times.  The fortunes, lives and loves of the different owners lead to a series of adventures involving chance, mishap and misery.  

5 PM, April 2, 2018


Presenter: Grass Stage
Artistic Director: Zhao Chuan
Performer: Wu Jiamin
Video Designer: Wu Meng

Country: Shanghai, China

Synopsis: Is one man's youth the Youth? Is one man's future the Future? An imagination of life from the perspective of a youth.

1 PM, April 3, 2018

Eladdi (1.5 hours)
Writer: Rituparna Biswas (Inspired by the play of Nila Bandapadhyay)
Performer: Rituparna Biswas
Director: Subhendu Bhandari
Theatre Group: Amita Parichay
Country: India

Synopsis: The story of “Eladidi” is not only the story of Eladidi but also of emancipation. It is a story of Mukti a ordinary girl who has a talent of telling stories. Burdened with expectations and constantly compared to Eladidi. Mukti wants to like her. Ela-a pretty, educated, intelligent one-known as Eladidi of Mukti. Mukti grows hearing of comparison all the time with Ela a common scenario in society. The unachieved desire of parents come upon the children like Mukti; and they tried hard tobe so from the childhood, making it their motto of life.

2:45 PM, April 3, 2018

Shoniter Haat (Blood Hands) (30 mins)
Writer: Samiun Jahan Dola and Shamima Shawket
Director: Samiun Jahan Dola
Performer: Shamima Shawket
Light Design: Faiz Zahir
Set and Costume: Samiur Jahan Dola
Country: Bangladesh 

Synopsis: Blood hands memoirs a heart wrenching story of a girl who gets married in a tender age as a second wife to her husband. Facing devastating pains in her husband's home and sexual abuse, she runs back to her home, only to find out that her step father has been sexually abusing her sister, just the way he used to do to her. In anger, she kills her lecherous father, which ultimately gives her happiness she was yearning for, all life long.

5 PM, April 3, 2018

The Chairs Were Moved To Give Me Passage (35-40 mins)
Alan Lyddiard
Performer/ Choreographer: Tamara McLorg
Theatre Company: The Performance Ensemble
Country: Scotland 

Synopsis:  The Play is a collection of personal stories interspersed with movement/dance sections.  It is a story of journeys made and journeys about to start and a performance for people who are interested in people.

5:45 PM, April 3, 2018

Performance With Masks

Writer/ Director: Maxime
Performer: Bhoomika Tharu
Country: Paris/ Nepal

Synopsis: An experimental performance with masks portraying the culture of Nepal and Paris.

1 PM, April 4, 2018

Writer: Subodh Patnaik
Director/ Performer: Sujata Priyambada
Country: India 

Synopsis: The play will be around this above subject with an improvised story line where – a girl is in higher education and the men around her are more interested to see a girl with decoration in modern beauty terms. She is getting eve teasing connecting a teacher who admires her wisdom in class and subject. Her wish to be a stage artist is ignored by the family. Like original story of Reboti, a modern girl needs support from the Parents and a Teacher or a Guide to fight against the Grand Mother who represents Tradition. SEBATI is the name of present day’s REBATI and the play suggests to discover a progressive image of EIBATI. In Odia BATI means Lamp. SEBATI meaning – ‘That Lamp’, EIBATI meaning ‘This Lamp’. The subject of the play will compare the life of Women in the past with present and develop a view point of a guess of the future possibilities

1:45 PM, April 4, 2018

Desire (30 mins)
Director/ Actor:
Yukko Chan Yu Kwan
Multimedia Designer: Gaffer Tsui Ka Lok

Composer:  Joey Chun Yat Lam
Country: HongKong

Synopsis: Clay is not a clay.

Egg is not an egg.

Girl is not a girl.

So, what?

So, who?

No one can create your path, just break the rules and follow your heart.

What’s your heart's desire?

5 PM, April 4, 2018

Seppuku: The Angels Are Back (50 mins)

Director/ Writer/ Performer: Ari Peterse
Music: Soundscape, Franz Schubert, Bo Diddley

Theatre Company: TiNaNiNaNi
Country: Netherlands

Synopsis: A story about three friends trying to understand life and angels, until a demon comes in their life in the form of a steel truck and their life takes a devastating turn. But the angels bring back happiness again.

6 PM, April 4, 2018

Place Me Softly On The Horizon
Emily Wu, Michael Wong
Movement director: Micheal Wong
Projector designer: Dexter Lee
Performer: Emily Wu
Country: Hong Kong

Synopsis: A playwright has been trapped by the internal forces of herself. The play sees how she struggles and rediscovers life.

4 PM, April 5, 2018

Kathasar (40 mins)
Writer/ Director: Birendra Hamal
Country: Nepal

Synopsis: A 65 years old woman in the village of Lamjung narrates her visitor her reason for never getting married and her hope to get married soon.

5:00 PM, April 5, 2018

City Flesh (30 mins)
Director/ Writer/ Performer:
Idy Lam Foon Hiu
Country: HongKong

Synopsis: K grew up with seashells, seaweed and sand along the seashore. There were houses built day after day opposite to K 's sea village. The skyscrapers attracted K ; she decided to move to the flourishing Island, Hong Kong, to experience such eye catching prosperity. However, her grandfather disagreed and said, "The place is not for human." K arrived in Sham Shui Po , the most down to earth  district which is full of bustle in Hong Kong. She found a football court with cover where she could sleep. One day, the place was locked at night. She found another space in a park. However, her clothes got all wet every afternoon. She found another  hidden space, inside a tunnel. However, every morning, she was woken up by kicking legs. At last, she found a hole to sleep, a capsule.

5:45 PM, April 5, 2018

50 years Remaining Unchanged ( 30 mins)
Film authored by: Mok Chiu Yu, F. Chan, P. Fung and T. Tong
Writer /Director/ Performer: Mok Chiu Yu

A play interspersed by a film projection referring to the history of the past century.

6:15 PM, April 5, 2018

Certificate Distribution and Closing of the Festival.


Since decades, I had dreamt of building an art house where different forms of art would find its place together. An art house where there would be a space to showcase plays, dance and music performances; a space to conduct art exhibitions and a space where all art lovers could come together and discuss the various facets of art while sipping a cup of coffee. After decades of hard work; I finally made my dream come true by building Sarwanam Dramatic Art Centre.

We, Nepalese wish to see our art and culture thriving not just in Nepal but all over the world. We also want to witness the various art and culture of the world. I always dreamt of organizing an International Solo Theatre Festival in Nepal where theatre veterans from various parts of the world would come and perform in Nepal. And after many years, today, my dream has come true. And it is a beautiful timing that the festival is being organized on the 36th birth anniversary of Sarwanam Theatre.

I would like to thank each theatre artists, who are also my dear friends for taking their time out to come to Nepal and perform in the festival. I would also like to thank all my volunteer children of Sarwanam who has worked day and night to make this festival a huge success.

This is just the beginning of the first edition of International Solo Theatre Festival. We intend to make it a yearly program. So see you all next year too.

Ashesh Malla
Founder/ Director
Sarwanam Theatre

About Sarwanam Theatre

Sarwanam Theatre is a leading theatre group of Nepal that was founded in AD 1982 when a group of young students staged a play named, "Hands Raised in Protest" to depict the grave oppressive rule of the political elite. Since more than three decades, Sarwanam has become a synonymous name for Nepali theatre. It is also the pioneer of street theatre in Nepal. Sarwanam has performed plays all over Nepal and in many countries abroad building a strong network of national and international theatre artists.
Today, Sarwanam theatre owns its own Sarwanam Art Building which occupies a theatre auditorium, an art exhibition hall, workshop hall and a cafeteria.