Gained Times (गैंडा टाईमस्")

Staged from March 1, 2019 to March 1, 2019

People are still fighting for the political justice. They are in a race for the minimum requirement of human life : food, shelter and clothes. Humans these days seems to be less emotional and unattached to the problem of other people. Who is there to think about forest on such critical situation ? Who is there to understand about nature and animals ? In meanwhile people have become destroyer and smuggler more than protector.

Whom to trust and why ?

Humans must be the worst creature of this planet. Is not that forest and animals are also the part of this society? Or else there is different society for nature and their maladies?

'Gainda Times' is a journey by a young rhino who has a confident that he could get back his father's horn which was poached by some unknown traffickers.

Directional Note

The thing that I learned from theatre is that we should always work on to be honest with ourselves. Honesty is the crown of people. This time, I have tried to tell the story of rhinoceros’s crown along with the story of people’s dignity.

I would like to express my appreciation to BuddhiSagar for trusting me to adapt this story for the play and also to my well-wishers who have created such a good environment for the play. All the best for the international theatre festival.

Effort is still there and please allow me some consideration if there’s any mistake.