Garbha Chhitta (गर्भ छिट्टा)

Staged from March 4, 2019 to March 4, 2019

Garbha Chhita is a tradition in Karnali where parents fix the marriage of children who are still in their mothers' wombs. Such marriages that happen without the consent of the bride and groom destroy many lives. This is one such story, where Pampha and Mansur are engaged to each other before they are born. Pampha is in love with her low-caste household help, but gets married to the son of her father's best friend Mansur. Her lover Chaure is unable to elope with her, burdened by social pressure of caste, family, tradition, etc. In the end, Pampha leaves her husband's home with her lover's child in her womb, and nowhere to go.

Directional Note

Karnali has been labeled as a world of remoteness, sorrows, pain, and even ‘uncivilized’, without any deep knowledge of its society, humanity and social dynamics. Through theater, I would like to bring to light those traditional aspects of Karnali that I feel are the biggest obstacles to social change. The more we repress the deep-seated social issues that raise questions about very humanity, the ore deadly they become. Garbha Chhita is a story that raises such questions. On one side is a woman burdened by family, lineage, heritage, tradition, and social prestige, while on the other are hand are the human values that society is losing.

On Stage