Mokshada (मोक्षदा)

Staged from March 4, 2019 to March 5, 2019

‘Mokshada’ is a danceplay based on the life experiences of (Panchakanya)five virgins which is mentioned in the ‘Shastra’ (holy scriptures). (Panchakanya) five virgins means Ahilya, Draupadi, Kunti, Tara and Mandodari. All these five women are married but even after having physical contact with more than one man, they are called pure. According to ‘Shastra’ (holy scriptures), even taking their names will eliminate all the sins and lead  to the way of  salvation. ‘Mokshada’ is the disagreement of the characterization of these five women done in ‘Shastra’ (holy scriptures). This danceplay can be claimed as the voice of today’s women’s struggle to find their existence or can be  the unheard voice of these five protagonists and their rights.

Directional Note

Culture critic and author Aahuti had said in one event-’ male dominated society has always ruled over woman since the starting ages to maintain the civilisation by forcing three kinds of limitations. These limitations always stated that they are objects, they must be beautiful and they are born to please men.’ Mokshyada actresses claim that,’’ I am not an object, I don’t need to be beautiful, I am not to serve you.’ I agree with all the salvationers.

On Stage

Off Stage