Kausi Theatre (कौसि नाटकघर)

Kausi emerged from a need for a space to practice work that we identified with and are passionate about. What initially began as an idea for at least a workshop space or a playback performance venue, evolved into an intimate black box theatre, from what was initially a barren roof top space. While it will primarily be Katha Ghera’s work space, we also want to offer the space to any genuine artists, makers or performers as an incusive platform for socio-politically relevant work. This can happen through renting the space, as well as collaborations.

The theatre would not have taken form without support and vision from specific people we cannot forget to thank. Firstly, Patrons of Kausi Theatre, Aruna and Santosh Karki, for believing in the work we do, and letting us build our dream, without any prohibitions. It hasn’t been easy, but thank you for growing with us in this struggle, as exemplary and understanding parents.


Gunakamdev Marg 76 Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal