Sandajuko Mahabharat: A Daring Production

I had the privilege of seeing the first performance of Abhi Subedi’s epic play Sandajuko Mahabharat directed by Bimal Subedi along with Sarika Pareek at Theatre Village.

A play, narrativising events of the recent political past, is a profoundly courageous project because it brings to attention issues that are immediately contemporary and immediately resonant.

Democracy, secularism, community, identity, and the formation of an egalitarian future are issues we must attend to urgently even now, at this very moment. I was deeply moved by the play- its courage and imagination, its formal structure, weaving history and fiction and its finely thought out production. The production itself is a complex weave of images, text and projection. It takes us through a journey that is at once public history and personal memory.

The play and its production I’m sure will be landmark of contemporary theatre practice in Nepal.